Friday, May 19, 2017

Save Energy By Painting The Roof White

Save Energy By Painting The Roof White?

Despite job growth technically occurring, the economy remains difficult on many households. Despite national reliance upon foreign oil receding rather than cleaner alternatives like domestic gas, the planet remains being degraded. So, should you own a home or office building, you would leap at any chance to save cash and perform environment a big favor both concurrently, right? Please read on to understand ways to save energy by painting the roof white.

Traditional roofs, particularly for homes, are black colored. These only reflect 20 % of sunlight into the sky. While this is often advantageous in colder climates and cooler seasons, the environment is starting to warm up and North American population migration is south, West, and coastal areas with abundant sunlight. Capturing solar heat into the top of the a house by having an ac running at ground level is inefficient.

These black roofs, when clustered together tightly with lots of people and asphalt, can produce an 'urban heat island.' This is also true if you find little vegetation within a vicinity. On any clear night without cloud cover, an urban population center of the million or higher individuals can certainly be around 20 degrees warmer than surrounding suburbs!

Painting a roof white implies that it reflects approximately 90 % of sunlight back in to the atmosphere. That spares the dwelling the unneeded heat as well as, and decreases the local urban heat island effect. Even beyond metropolitan areas, this local island effect can impact vegetation from the yard surrounding a house.

It's estimated that around 10 % of summer electricity use is consumed simply to combat the urban island heat effect. On the flip side, a white roof is effective in reducing electrical consumption by approximately forty percent, so a coat of paint on top of your house will pay by itself pretty quickly with regards to savings on the power bill.

There's also another surprising but beneficial money-saving benefit to a white roof. Since roofs painted white don't absorb just as much heat, they don't expand and contract just as much as a black roof, meaning they crack and splinter more infrequently and also last years longer when done properly. This means going longer between roof replacements and much less roofing material within your local landfill.

If you decide to go for any 'cool roof' then tend not to just buy any old white paint and commence splattering it there. You will find highly reflective coatings of paint designed specially for this function, and seen to work being painted through to roofs or roofing tiles. Also consider white or reflective tiles themselves, instead of a coat of paint.

One potential downside that always should be considered is the fact the local homeowner's association or oddball building regulation may not allow you to try this to your property, but in addition to that, there's no real reason to prevent yourself from saving energy by painting your homes roof white.

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